Writing Prompt #10: Eco-Consciousness


Prompt: Eco-philosopher David Abrams writes, “A world made of story is an earth permeated by dreams, a terrain filled with imagination.”

Maine poet Gary Lawless asks, “When the animals come to us asking for our help, will we know what they are saying? When the planet herself sings to us in our dreams, will we be able to wake ourselves and act?”

For indigenous peoples, the world is alive with song-lines, dreamtime, ancestral memory, plant and animal wisdom. To heal the environmental imbalance our our age, we too need to hear the songs, stories, and wisdom of the earth.

Wait for something to cross your path – an animal, a plant, a memory, an image, a question.  In your writing, invite this visitor to sing, tell stories, and ask for your help. Describe the eco-consciousness gained from this encounter.


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